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Category: August Alsina

August Alsina – Brakes Lyrics

(Save the world) I got 220 on the dash, running through the red lights Getting to the bag, making sure the bread right I’m just doing me, tryna live my […]

August Alsina – Ready Lyrics

I’ll be ready (I’ll be ready) Girl, you look so fuckin’ good Stop actin’ like you don’t want me to notice I pretend like I don’t notice but I do […]

August Alsina – Bossin Up Lyrics

You, you I know I can’t quit ’cause I’ll never forgive me I’m gettin’ this paper, don’t care if it kill me I done came too far, can’t turn back […]

August Alsina - Party Til Lyrics

August Alsina – Party Til Lyrics

Yeah, ayy Yeah, ayy Yeah, ayy Yeah, ayy Mustard on the beat, ho You know when this song come on, it’s the shit, my nigga (Yeah, ayy) Call a few […]