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Category: August Alsina

August Alsina – Lessons Lyrics

Had to learn a little bit, grow a little bit Realize on the way up That I was taught so many lessons Yeah, yeah, I learned so many lessons, yes […]

August Alsina – Deliver Us Lyrics

Lord, deliver us Oh, deliver us Lord, deliver us Oh Give me the strength when I don’t know what else to do Show me the way whenever I’m confused (Yeah, […]

August Alsina – Fly Far Lyrics

Somebody told me if you wanna make a difference You must first do somethin’ different Try different levels, try to be somethin’ special Grind and be somethin’ greater than what […]

August Alsina – Feeling Lyrics

Finally made it out the slums Finally got into some Gucci’s, no more One’s Got the girl they say was outta my league Me and Diamond in a highrise condominium, […]