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Category: Autumn!

Autumn! - Moncleezy! Lyrics

Autumn! – Moncleezy! Lyrics

Moncleezy! By Autumn! Whoa, whoa-oa, whoa-oa Ay yo, Ian! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah We just crashed the fuckin’ ‘Cat, ‘Cat, ‘Cat, ‘Cat, ‘Cat Snake eye Benz? Okay, that’s cap, […]

Autumn! - Tekken! Lyrics

Autumn! – Tekken! Lyrics

Tekken! By Autumn! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, yeah! Ha! Whoa, whoa! In real life I’m really that nigga, you just that nigga on Insta Same bitch say I’m a lame nigga, […]

Autumn! - Simple! Lyrics

Autumn! – Simple! Lyrics

Simple! By Autumn! Ha, woah, woah, woah Woah, woah, woah, woah Man, I just might pull up [?] buy a fucking missile Okay, you brought your gang, well, we got […]

Autumn! - Big Stepper! Lyrics

Autumn! – Big Stepper! Lyrics

Big Stepper! By Autumn! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Fifty Grand) Okay Fifty, yeah, ha Yeah, yeah, big stepper, I’m a big stepper I just walked in with my Cs and […]