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Category: BAYNK

BAYNK – Simmer Lyrics

Simmer by BAYNK (feat. Hablot Brown) I could turn the lights off Put this thing to bed Cause lately I’ve been so lost Turned to you and said

 That I […]

BAYNK – Off Limits Lyrics

Off Limits by BAYNK If you got something to say Just say it right away Don’t hide under our breath You keep giving me the signs Tell me what’s on […]

BAYNK – Settle Lyrics

Settle by BAYNK (feat. Sinead Harnett) It’s not what you say to me No, it’s just the way that you say it to me So tell me you want me […]

BAYNK – Water Lyrics

Water by BAYNK Something’s in the water and it’s giving people nightmares Seeing into heaven but we don’t know how to get there Chasing feelings pacing back and forth What […]

BAYNK – Go with U Lyrics

Go with U by BAYNK I go with you With you Crazy Staring at your body in amazement Feel me sinking deeper in your ocean now I know I’m too […]