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Category: BAYNK

BAYNK - 1 Chance Lyrics

BAYNK – 1 Chance Lyrics

1 Chance Lyrics – BAYNK One chance to take it all back Be forgiven, I’ll give you, give you One chance to take it all back Be forgiven, be, be […]

BAYNK - Remember Lyrics

BAYNK – Remember Lyrics

Remember Lyrics – BAYNK Oh Remember when you and I Started out as friends, getting high? Say the word and I’ll be down to go Anywhere as long as we’re […]

BAYNK - Naked Lyrics

BAYNK – Naked Lyrics

Naked Lyrics – BAYNK Face down I get excited when you come around Get caught up on tryna pin you down Your fingers ’round my neck, they’re feeling soft now […]

BAYNK - Till It's Even Lyrics

BAYNK – Till It’s Even Lyrics

Till It’s Even Lyrics – BAYNK Your love First light, I want to come around I try to keep it down But the sound and the light Keeps flickering off […]

BAYNK - When I'm Alone Lyrics

BAYNK – When I’m Alone Lyrics

When I’m Alone Lyrics – BAYNK Up in my mind there’s a place I go Trees, open hearts and falling snow ‘Cause I’m alone Better that way I tell myself […]

BAYNK & Cub Sport - Mine Lyrics

BAYNK & Cub Sport – Mine Lyrics

Mine Lyrics – BAYNK & Cub Sport You’re there shining brightly But I know you’re guarding And I’m not begging I’m just letting you in Do you feel it different? […]

BAYNK - Easther Lyrics

BAYNK – Easther Lyrics

Easther Lyrics – BAYNK Oh, I’ve been waiting for you to show tonight too long Only be coming back when they’re turning the lights all off Tell me you’ve seen […]



TESSELLATE By BAYNK Heavy hit, pavement Lying down, let it rush to my head Spilled milk, broken glass Counted every minute right before you left Every syllable you ever said […]

BAYNK – Shatter Lyrics

Shatter by BAYNK (feat. Martin Luke Brown) This one seems like a tricky one No I don’t know what to say This one seems like a tricky one I know […]

BAYNK – Simmer Lyrics

Simmer by BAYNK (feat. Hablot Brown) I could turn the lights off Put this thing to bed Cause lately I’ve been so lost Turned to you and said

 That I […]

BAYNK – Off Limits Lyrics

Off Limits by BAYNK If you got something to say Just say it right away Don’t hide under our breath You keep giving me the signs Tell me what’s on […]