BAYNK – When I’m Alone Lyrics

When I’m Alone Lyrics – BAYNK

Up in my mind there’s a place I go
Trees, open hearts and falling snow

‘Cause I’m alone
Better that way
I tell myself that every day

Cause I’m in love
Falling each day
Doesn’t make sense when you’re away

Up in your heart there’s a place you go
Cold, open bar, nobody to hold
I’d like to change if you want me to
Crawl out the black and into the blue

‘Cause I’m in love
You hold my hand
It feels okay
Walk through the fields
Chasing the day
Follow the sun
Everything feels
When I’m alone
When I’m alone

With you
With you, I’m
With you
With you, I’m
With you
I’m with you
I’m with you, I’m