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Category: beabadoobee

beabadoobee – Space Cadet Lyrics

Space Cadet By beabadoobee Lyrics Feeling s--- again Haven’t left my bed Never brush my hair And if you look me in the eyes you’ll see that I don’t care […]

beabadoobee – She Plays Bass Lyrics

She Plays Bass by beabadoobee Hey, won’t you call me back? ‘Cause I’ve been waiting for a text back It hurts my brain This chick who plays bass She plays bass, she plays […]

beabadoobee – Soren Lyrics

Soren by beabadoobee [beabadoobee] Miss your hair I like the way you stare into my eyes Most of the time The way you touch me’s like the curse that can’t […]

beabadoobee – Angel Lyrics

Angel by beabadoobee [beabadoobee] White angel come Intoxicates my blood Just another hit You’d get used to it Just another grit [beabadoobee] Your bones are only painted gold That’s why […]

beabadoobee – Ceilings Lyrics

Ceilings by beabadoobee [beabadoobee] Love me like the garden filled flowers Like the driest desert in the rain Love me like cigarettes in Paris Love me like a book that […]

beabadoobee – Apple Cider Lyrics

Apple Cider by beabadoobee [beabadoobee] We both like apple cider But your hair be smelling like fruit punch And I don’t even like you that much Wait I do F--- […]

beabadoobee – 1999 Lyrics

1999 by beabadoobee [beabadoobee] Hold me close and say you care Because I’m in love with your brown hair The way you touch me is a curse And I’m not […]

beabadoobee – Disappear Lyrics

Disappear by beabadoobee [beabadoobee] Kiss me on my neck Tell me all your fears ‘Cause the rush of love is gone I’m tryna find out why it disappeared Why it […]