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Category: beabadoobee

beabadoobee - Sorry Lyrics

beabadoobee – Sorry Lyrics

Sorry By beabadoobee Said I had to see you But I don’t and I won’t And I won’t To think I was just like you All alone, skin to bone […]

beabadoobee - Care Lyrics

beabadoobee – Care Lyrics

Care By beabadoobee It’s been a while since I’ve talked about it Maybe it’s time to cooperate I need some help to forget about it I don’t want your sympathy […]

beabadoobee – Are You Sure Lyrics

Are You Sure By beabadoobee Lyrics You say you understand Are you sure, are you sure? You say you’ve been to Mars before Are you sure, are you sure? It’s […]

beabadoobee – Space Cadet Lyrics

Space Cadet By beabadoobee Lyrics Feeling shit again Haven’t left my bed Never brush my hair And if you look me in the eyes you’ll see that I don’t care […]