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Category: Blueface

Blueface - TikTok Lyrics

Blueface – TikTok Lyrics

TikTok Lyrics – Blueface Ayy, if you got your motherfuckin’ pepper steppers on, man Tie them hoes up tight ’til where you got no circulation in your ankles (You can’t […]

Blueface - Patience Lyrics

Blueface – Patience Lyrics

Patience Lyrics – Blueface diamonds lookin like a light show, sparkling i just wanna fuck wit shawty no she ain’t my darling shawty know i’m rich she seen me pull […]

Blueface ft. DDG - BGC Lyrics

Blueface ft. DDG – BGC Lyrics

BGC Lyrics – Blueface (Island with the cash like Diego) (Bankroll Got It, haha) (Julia) Blueface, baby, yeah, aight Fuck with me, opportunity of a life I got bitches at […]

Blueface - Uncle Phillip Lyrics

Blueface – Uncle Phillip Lyrics

Uncle Phillip By Blueface Sammy P Blueface, baby Yeah, aight Niggas poppin’ for the ‘Gram ’til I pop up Niggas poppin’ for the ‘Gram ’til I pop up Niggas poppin’ […]

Blueface - Baby Lyrics

Blueface – Baby Lyrics

Baby By Blueface (Callate, Mike Crook) (Damn, Scum) Said it must be your ass ’cause it ain’t your face, baby (Ooh) Throw that ass to the bass, baby (Shake) No […]

Blueface - Traphouse Lyrics

Blueface – Traphouse Lyrics

Traphouse By Blueface No sheets on top of my bed (Traphouse) When I be here in the morning (In my traphouse) No sheets on top of my bed (Traphouse) In […]

Blueface - First Mission Lyrics

Blueface – First Mission Lyrics

First Mission By Blueface Blueface baby, yeah aight Ayy, bitch Get on the phone, call that nigga, act like you really miss him Tell him to pull it up then […]

Blueface – Tour Lyrics

Tour By Blueface Blueface, baby Yeah aight I’m on tour like a tourist I’m on tour like a tourist I’m on tour like a tourist (Tourist) I pull up in […]

Blueface – Vibes Lyrics

Vibes By Blueface Blueface, baby, yeah, aight Wait, hold on, shh, you hear that? Shut up, turn it up, where they at? Vibes (Yeah), vibes (Woah), vibes (Yeah, ha-ha-ha, woah) […]