Avi – Outro Lyrics

Outro Lyrics – Avi Czego najbardziej żałujesz w życiu? – Yyyy, młodości – Najbardziej żałuję w życiu wyboru pierwszej prasy – Najbardziej żałuję, że poszedłem za wcześnie do wojska –

Bury Tomorrow – Forced Divide Lyrics

Forced Divide Lyrics – Bury Tomorrow I don’t remember the last time I felt alive Without this weight that feels like certain demise, one more time around the sun I’m

Bury Tomorrow – Boltcutter Lyrics

Boltcutter Lyrics – Bury Tomorrow Boltcutter (Break free) No longer I can take it (Pull them down) No further have we gone (Rise up) My apathy always greater (Listen now)

Bury Tomorrow – Wrath Lyrics

Wrath Lyrics – Bury Tomorrow Between the lines, I disintegrate Nothing left to rediscover No-one left to be the other It seems we’re born to suffer Same old story I’m

Bury Tomorrow – Heretic Lyrics

Heretic Lyrics – Bury Tomorrow (feat. Loz Taylor) I’ve watched a dawn through the eyes of the dead I’ve seen their sorry souls holding onto their threads and what the

Bury Tomorrow – Recovery? Lyrics

Recovery? Lyrics – Bury Tomorrow Faded out before, trapped in this world devoid of action Condemned as a ghost Your words are seen through You see their faces and they

Bury Tomorrow – Care Lyrics

Care Lyrics – Bury Tomorrow I am sick of the night terrors I’m losing my mind and I can’t make sense of it I am sick of the night terrors

Bury Tomorrow – Majesty Lyrics

Majesty Lyrics – Bury Tomorrow The time it takes for hope to break and fear to climb The walls you make, the plans we fake to stay in line We

Bury Tomorrow – Begin Again Lyrics

Lyrics to Begin Again by Bury Tomorrow Erase me, completely. Start over, set finally free. Destroy me, completely. Start over. Eternally. Taking control of falling apart. Choosing to crawl when

Bury Tomorrow – Abandon Us Lyrics

Abandon Us Lyrics – Bury Tomorrow Pray in the fire. Peace in the wild. See the world clearly as the flames rise higher. Chaos contained. The heart remains. All your

Bury Tomorrow – Better Below Lyrics

Bury Tomorrow – Better Below Lyrics I stand here battered and broken The ground swallowed me years ago When I returned I wasn’t recognisable Now I’m wondering would I be