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Category: CHVSE

CHVSE – I’m Sorry G (Dax Diss) Lyrics

I’m Sorry G (Dax Diss) Lyrics by CHVSE (feat. Merkules) Yo yo, you done f----- up m----------- Look, look, look I said I’m back with the hit, they puttin’ this […]

CHVSE – The Real Genius Lyrics

The Real Genius Lyrics [CHVSE & Alex Rudd] The part that I don’t get is why is Riley on the track? Like, is- is his verse even good? Bruh, I’m […]

CHVSE – Man Down Lyrics

Man Down Lyrics By CHVSE feat. Dax & PFV) [Chvse] Yeah I got a lot to say on this next record Ain’t no one f------ with the underdogs Not even […]