Citizen Soldier – My Own Miracle Lyrics

My Own Miracle Lyrics – Citizen Soldier Fake smiles are holding me together For worse or for better ’cause I’ve never had anyone To stay long enough to see the

Citizen Soldier – Afterlife Lyrics

Afterlife Lyrics – Citizen Soldier Now I lay me down to sleep Six feet down beneath concrete If I should die before I wake Did I make peace or a

Citizen Soldier – Suicide Note Lyrics

Suicide Note Lyrics – Citizen Soldier I’m a suicide note I’m a suicide note Tell me “just get over this” one more time Say it to my face, I dare

Citizen Soldier – Tattoos Lyrics

Tattoos Lyrics – Citizen Soldier You still pull down my sleeves You still put makeup on So everyone would think I’m fine and nothing’s wrong I buried all the pain

Citizen Soldier – Scarecrow Lyrics

Scarecrow Lyrics – Citizen Soldier I chained my ghost up in a basement Six feet back behind my eyes Some nights I think this house is gonna cave in Rejection

Citizen Soldier – Limit Lyrics

Limit Lyrics – Citizen Soldier ft. Lø Spirit At the bottom of a bottle filled with pills Table’s turned Lessons learned A psych ward napkin changed the life I tried

Citizen Soldier – Golden Weather Lyrics

Golden Weather Lyrics – Citizen Soldier Can’t wake up, can’t wake up From living in yesterday I’ve had enough, had enough Of watching it on replay I’m so scared of

Citizen Soldier – Madhouse Lyrics

Madhouse Lyrics – Citizen Soldier Welcome to this madhouse, madhouse The church of mental breakdowns, breakdowns Come on in this blue gown’s clean (clean) Kill your vitals join the flatline

Citizen Soldier – Still Frame Lyrics

Still Frame Lyrics – Citizen Soldier The worst part about waking up Is remembering why you wish that you did not You get ten seconds of heaven ’til what you

Citizen Soldier – Deathbed Lyrics

Deathbed Lyrics – Citizen Soldier I used to hate everything that I saw in the mirror But then I found a new frame, now everything’s clearer I used to feel

Citizen Soldier – Fever Lyrics

Fever Lyrics – Citizen Soldier My head is a maze That you created Littered with empty threats (A bag of bones I have nothing left) You chose the gaslight me