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Category: Clairo

Clairo - Amoeba Lyrics

Clairo – Amoeba Lyrics

Amoeba Lyrics – Clairo Between the gaps I was swimming laps Got close to some epiphany I’ll convince a friend to join deep ends Have your toes touch the lack […]

Clairo - Partridge Lyrics

Clairo – Partridge Lyrics

Partridge Lyrics – Clairo You move in your ways without a law And I’ll force you to feel the weight I’m standing on But the perfect harmony is lost As […]

Clairo - Zinnias Lyrics

Clairo – Zinnias Lyrics

Zinnias Lyrics – Clairo See me standing on the corner of Comstock And Waverly in a daze Where I saw my brother speak for the first time since he graduated […]

Clairo - Wade Lyrics

Clairo – Wade Lyrics

Wade Lyrics – Clairo Holding out all my fears and faults Those that conquer me Started the second pack Before the first ones finishing I like to bridge the gap […]

Clairo - Harbor Lyrics

Clairo – Harbor Lyrics

Harbor Lyrics – Clairo Okay, I’m finished now And I kept my faith for long enough And I hope I’m old and fairly sober If I’m let down Maybe you […]

Clairo - Reaper Lyrics

Clairo – Reaper Lyrics

Reaper Lyrics – Clairo It’s nice to hear your voice again I pushed you so far down and I let you sink through the drain There’s a claw on my […]