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Category: Clairo

Clairo – Sinking Lyrics

Sinking by Clairo Every night Think of things I can’t do or haven’t done It doesn’t make me weak, sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe Is that all you […]

Clairo – Feel Something Lyrics

Feel Something by Clairo Travelled so far on my own I don’t know where I’ve gone And I don’t wanna be alone When I am so far from my home […]

Clairo – White Flag Lyrics

White Flag by Clairo Piece it all Back together again Didn’t get along Been four years since We had it all And you were my friend Those days got away […]

Clairo – Softly Lyrics

Softly by Clairo Is it alright To feel this way so early? But am I blind? All the sweet nothings Falling in love over night Didn’t mean to get so […]