CMAT – Have Fun! Lyrics

Have Fun! Lyrics – CMAT One hundred bright green birds atop a Tesco in Clapham Me on you it didn’t make sense but it happened Now I’m flying home just

CMAT – Whatever’s Inconvenient Lyrics

Whatever’s Inconvenient Lyrics – CMAT I can always smell it comin’ Like the grease upon your mullet I knew you’d ruin me the minute Had a dream and you were

CMAT- Mayday Lyrics

Mayday Lyrics – CMAT What time were you born? I’m bored again and thinking of you And wishing you were home Uh-woah Wish I could see the stars We’d look

CMAT – Lonely Lyrics

Lonely Lyrics – CMAT God I bet if there was a god I’d be killing him But who needs god When I have Robbie Williams And who needs boys with