Cold War Kids – Underground Lyrics

Underground Lyrics Cold War Kids I can’t hear one more sad story I can’t watch a depressing movie When this world is too cruel to me I just wanna scream

Cold War Kids – 2 Worlds Lyrics

2 Worlds Lyrics Cold War Kids Don’t be fooled When I cry Love so sick Every time I say goodbye Mixed up in this fantasy Where anything goes But nothing

Cold War Kids – Nowhere To Be Lyrics

Nowhere To Be Lyrics Cold War Kids Promises we made before a cross We were losing our religion But hoping for a Pentecost Happiness, oh, how would you define? It’s

Cold War Kids – Always Lyrics

Always Lyrics – Cold War Kids Speculating what this year has got in store for me I’m overstimulated, check my pockets constantly My expectations have expanded uncontrollably You are the

Cold War Kids – Wasted All Night Lyrics

Wasted All Night Lyrics – Cold War Kids I’m watching from the barstool Studying humans It’s the same old story Of how wrong became ruins No, we haven’t come too

Cold War Kids – What You Say Lyrics

What You Say Lyrics – Cold War Kids I’ve been waiting my whole life to cover Afraid to speak my mind from judgement So let’s shake it up this time,

Cold War Kids – Somewhere Lyrics

Somewhere By Cold War Kids I’ve known you my whole life Still can’t figure you out What makes me wanna cry Is what makes you wanna shout I used to

Cold War Kids – 1 x 1 Lyrics

1 x 1 By Cold War Kids In a flash of sleep The dreamin’ broke my heart There were no borderlines Keepin’ us apart But then I wake up To

Cold War Kids – 4th of July Lyrics

Cold War Kids : 4th of July Lyrics Seasons never change The sun it always shines Swimming in Palm Springs Losing track of time It’s easy just to float To

Cold War Kids – Complainer Lyrics

Cold War Kids : Complainer Lyrics (Don’t sit around and complain about it) I can’t stand, waiting around to dance, uh huh Don’t wanna talk, already know what I want

Cold War Kids – Free To Breathe Lyrics

Free To Breathe by Cold War Kids Album : L.A. Divine. Released : 2017 Genre : Alternative Rock So why should I believe that everything will be alright? That everything

Cold War Kids – Ordinary Idols Lyrics

Ordinary Idols by Cold War Kids Album : L.A. Divine. Released : 2017 Genre : Alternative Rock I spiral down again Such a struggle just to keep an ordinary love

Cold War Kids – Luck Down Lyrics

Luck Down by Cold War Kids Album : L.A. Divine. Released : 2017 Genre : Alternative Rock We’re fireworks We shoot so high But tell me what becomes of the