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Category: Cuco

Cuco – Hydrocodone Lyrics

Hydrocodone Lyrics by Cuco [Cuco] I’m sitting in my room I’m all alone now Missing you, every single day [Cuco] I wish you would say Baby, I love you Till […]

Cuco – Fix Me Lyrics

Fix Me Lyrics by Cuco Feat. Dillon Francis Fix me, I’m a lonely boy I wanna be your only toy I get played too much I break way too much […]


DROWN by CUCO x CLAIRO Aye, man, c’mon man don’t leave Fuck, what the fuck Why you leave me on read I don’t like this, fuck Ahh If I told […]

Cuco – Lucy Lyrics

Lucy by Cuco Feat. J-kwe$t Released : 2018 Lucy in the sky Diamonds in my eyes Santana in my blood I don’t think I had enough Kaleidoscope vision I feel […]

Cuco – CR-V Lyrics

CR-V by Cuco Released : 2018 Ridin’ down the street in my CR-V Picking up my homies in my CR-V Kick it with my boo thang in my CR-V Ridin’ […]