D-Block Europe – 1 on 1 Lyrics

1 on 1 Lyrics – D-Block Europe He so brazy (I) Okay Yeah, yeah Okay, okay Got a nigga on the way, and he call for a one-on-one (Okay, okay)

D-Block Europe – Barbie Lyrics

Barbie Lyrics – D-Block Europe Yeah Pull up to the party, my lady a Ferrari Pink Lamborghini, baby, I am not a barbie Put you on a first-class flight to

D-Block Europe – Conor McGregor Lyrics

Conor McGregor Lyrics – D-Block Europe Ski Oh-oh-oh I’m big league, walk in Gucci, bet they offer me tea Cah Big B ate that coochie, now, she don’t wanna leave

D-Block Europe – She’s Not Anyone Lyrics

She’s Not Anyone Lyrics – D-Block Europe Oluwa Burna (JAE5) Darling, I don’t trust anyone She said, “I’m not anyone” Wet like Evi— Evi—, wet like Evian She want make-up,

D-Block Europe – 4 The Win Lyrics

4 The Win Lyrics – D-Block Europe Yeah (Yeah) Long stick, got a limp (Yeah) Twenty hoes like a pimp (Yeah) It’s DBE for the win (Yeah-ah) No school grades,

D-Block Europe – Pass The Parcel Lyrics

Pass The Parcel Lyrics – D-Block Europe Ski G Wagon ’cause the cars is out I put two-hundred on the dash, uh, uh-uh-uh-uh Celine fashion, I’m the fastest out, there

D-Block Europe – Half Time Lyrics

Half Time Lyrics – D-Block Europe (This ain’t a love song It’s a fuck song Know what I’m saying? Only you can like care, know’m sayin’?) Can we call it

D-Block Europe – Elegant & Gang Lyrics

Elegant & Gang Lyrics – D-Block Europe (Ghost Killer Track, bébé) Grown man, I ain’t in my feelings on the ‘Gram Slowed down now, I’m only schemin’ for the fam

D-Block Europe – Fantasy Lyrics

Fantasy Lyrics – D-Block Europe Five summers in, still running tings I need some ice in my Hennessy I drink neat, platinum presidential neat Pretty little thing, passport came late

D-Block Europe – Black Beatles Lyrics

Black Beatles Lyrics – D-Block Europe Hat-back (Woo), trap-back (Woo), flicky (Woo), back out (Woo) Turn my (Woo), aunty’s (Woo), kitchen (Woo), to a trap house (Brr, brr) 7 Up