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Category: D-Block Europe

D-Block Europe – Change Lyrics

Change By D-Block Europe I feel a stab up in my back, I got my killers coming back I cut that coke up into crack, yeah 18, up in Harrods, […]

D-Block Europe – Molly World Lyrics

Molly World By D-Block Europe Yeah You know, this ain’t no love song (Ski, ski) Oh-oh-oh Ah-ah, ah-ah System gone on straight drugs Girl, I think you’ll make love I […]

D-Block Europe – UK Gossip Lyrics

UK Gossip By D-Block Europe Big Razor on the track Yeah, girl, you look good from behind I might just take me some time Make them girls sleep intertwined Broski, […]

D-Block Europe – Gloria Lyrics

Gloria By D-Block Europe I’m sending young boys to cunch, London, Victoria We pull it out and clap it in front of the audience Best friend a Scorpio, we sting […]

D-Block Europe – Miley Lyrics

Miley By D-Block Europe I just bought a whole one and a half each Baby girl, I’m stepping Chanel, that’s the CC That’s the Cuban, that’s the diamonds, yeah, they’re […]

D-Block Europe – Dismissive Lyrics

Dismissive By D-Block Europe [Dirtbike LB] Girl, you’re acting dismissive I wear the AP while I hit it Pay attention while I lick it You know I love to see […]

D-Block Europe – Monster Lyrics

Monster By D-Block Europe I said tonight’s the night, I don’t wanna feel pain Dance up on my d--- just like the diamonds on my chain I wanna take you […]

D-Block Europe – I Just Lyrics

I Just By D-Block Europe I just took a pill and they’re all Xans I just bought a Patek and it’s all cash I just pour this lean for my […]