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Category: Daily Lyrics

Cody Johnson – Ya’ll People Lyrics

Ya’ll People Lyrics by Cody Johnson [Cody Johnson] If anybody’s gonna get a drunk tattoo and own it If anybody’s got four cinder blocks With a fixer-upper sittin’ up on […]

Ynw Melly - Fuck PNC Bank Lyrics

Ynw Melly – Fuck PNC Bank Lyrics

F--- PNC Bank Lyrics by Ynw Melly [Ynw Melly] Alright Go’n get it Woo woo, yeah Man, it’s somethin’ ’bout this mic, I like how my voice be soundin’ I […]

Jowell & Randy – Dile la Verdad Lyrics

Dile la Verdad Lyrics [Jowell] Rudeboyz Oh, Jowell Randy Nota Loca Manuel Turizo Rudeboyz Viva La Musik [Randy & Jowell] No sales de mi mente Sigo aquí impaciente Todos tus […]

Adelaide – Strong and Brave Lyrics

Strong and Brave Lyrics The threat is eminent The winds are changing So, we rise up – everybody rise up Don’t look around Just look up and stand your ground […]

Vorsa – Over It Lyrics

Over It Lyrics Vorsa Faces come and go I’m better off alone That’s what i tell myself That’s what i tell myself Hurting to the bone Scared of the unknown […]

Lil Keed – All By My Lonely Lyrics

All By My Lonely Lyrics Lil Keed (feat. Yung Mal) [Lil Keed:] Gotta go smash Nah, real n---- s---, know what I’m sayin? Mario! It’s all myself without you Ohh, […]

Blueshift – Saudade Lyrics

Let’s just face the facts We’ve been drifting farther away Since we met, my life in disrepair to chase away these things Extinguish my hope, pray for a new beginning  […]

Bloodbath – Levitator Lyrics

Levitator Lyrics by Bloodbath Released : 2018 Full Lyrics will be available soon. Check out Later, or You Can Send Us the Lyrics Using Form Below. The Arrow of Satan […]

Sam Evian – Next to You Lyrics

(feat. Kazu Makino) I can feel your shadow I just wanna be next to you Wanna be next to you I can’t fight the world’s battles I just wanna be […]