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Category: Daily Lyrics

Alexander Oscar – Someone Else Lyrics

Someone Else by Alexander Oscar LYRICS Pick me up, parking lot It’s been two weeks and you don’t kiss me Tired eyes, forcing smiles You say you’re fine but I […]

Summer Walker – Like It Lyrics

Like It by Summer Walker: I’m so selfish, I can’t help it I need you all to myself Keep your focus, way I do it Boy, you don’t need no […]

OMNIUM GATHERUM – Chaospace Lyrics

Chaospace by OMNIUM GATHERUM: Now things left unsaid Visions moulded Hear the hungry banging at the door Still its emptiness Do go on and exist Creating the flame, feeling the […]

Seinabo Sey – Shores Lyrics

Shores by Seinabo Sey: I have always wondered What’s behind your eyes ‘Cause even when you try you cannot lie And lately I’ve been wondering Where you hide your smile I just need […]

Matthew Mole – Let Me Lyrics

Let Me by Matthew Mole: My always, forever, the light in the dark I found it, the treasure, your beautiful heart and will every piece of mine, I love you […]

Logic - No Pressure Freestyle Lyrics

Logic – No Pressure Freestyle Lyrics

No Pressure Freestyle by Logic You already know what it is Ayo, I never had a car‚ that’s why I hate the f------ bus Took the 61 to Germantown and hear them guns […]

Whethan – Summer Luv Lyrics

Summer Luv by Whethan (feat. Crystal Fighters) I call you for no reason Send smoke signals Let you know I still believe in Summer luving after dawn So when can […]