Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey – Make A Difference (Radio Version) Lyrics

Make A Difference (Radio Version) Lyrics – Danny Gokey With open eyes, I’m walking to the light ‘Cause I’ve been sleeping way too long This blurry vision had me living

Danny Gokey – Truth Is Lyrics

Truth Is Lyrics – Danny Gokey Truth is, thought I was stuck in the cycle of pain Over and over reliving the misery Truth is, thought that if I could

Danny Gokey – Do For Love Lyrics

Do For Love Lyrics – Danny Gokey I’m a witness to your passion So easy it’s hard to fathom, yeah One yes from me, and you changed everything Ohh, the

Danny Gokey – All Are Welcome Lyrics

All Are Welcome Lyrics – Danny Gokey The lamb laid down his life His blood has paid the price Most beautiful sacrifice So we could be welcome here When we

Danny Gokey – Jesus People Lyrics

Jesus People Lyrics – Danny Gokey For thousands of years Thousands of voices have been singing one name It started with twelve Who were crazy enough to leave everything, yeah

Danny Gokey – Peace Lyrics

Peace Lyrics – Danny Gokey Anybody out there got some troubles Anybody out there got some heartache? Me too Just when you think it can’t get any worse Somehow it

Danny Gokey – Stay Strong Lyrics

Stay Strong Lyrics – Danny Gokey I’ve been waiting for breakthrough I’ve been praying for change I know You’ll work it out for good, but how long will it take?

Danny Gokey – Agradecido Lyrics

Agradecido Lyrics – Danny Gokey From the moment that I rise, I got blue skies Chasing down those storm clouds in my way There’s a joy uncompromised over my life

Danny Gokey – He Believes In You Lyrics

He Believes In You Lyrics – Danny Gokey Has your confidence been shaken Is your faith in yourself fading Been there too long to know what to make of it

Danny Gokey – Stand In Faith Lyrics

Stand In Faith Lyrics – Danny Gokey Can’t escape disappointment Can’t avoid the delay But I don’t have to make feeling down and defeated the place that I stay Gonna

Danny Gokey – Cristo Es Necesario Lyrics

Cristo Es Necesario Lyrics – Danny Gokey Cuán ligero señalamos Juzgando sin todo saber Hablar sin pensar hace tanto mal Nos herimos cada cual Este en un mundo tan caído

Danny Gokey – We All Need Jesus Lyrics

We All Need Jesus Lyrics – Danny Gokey We’re so quick to point a finger And judge things from our point of view The things that we say, the trouble

Danny Gokey, David Archuleta – Noche De Paz Lyrics

Noche De Paz By Danny Gokey, David Archuleta Noche de paz, noche de amor Todo duerme en derredor Entre los astros que esparcen su luz Bella anunciando al niñito Jesús

Danny Gokey – The Holidays Are Here Lyrics

The Holidays Are Here By Danny Gokey We’re getting out those decorations Putting up the tree And the kids have started counting down the days Snow is falling, people making

Danny Gokey – Haven’t Seen It Yet Lyrics

Haven’t Seen It Yet Lyrics [Danny Gokey] Have you been praying and you still have no answers? Have you been pouring out your heart for so many years? Have you

Danny Gokey – Stronger Than We Think Lyrics

Stronger Than We Think by Danny Gokey Album : Rise Genre : Gospel Released : 2017 Does it seem much darker than it did before? Does it feel like we’re

Danny Gokey – Rise (Album Lyrics)

Album : Rise Genre’s : Christian & Gospel Released : 2017 Tracklist (Click On Track To Display Lyrics) 01 – Stronger Than We Think 02 – If You Ain’t In