Danny Olson

Danny Olson & Synymata – Lose It All Lyrics

Lose It All Lyrics – Danny Olson When the water is too deep Sink or swim but underneath What is our reality I got you and you got me Yeah

Danny Olson – Once Again Lyrics

Once Again Lyrics – Danny Olson Is it over? Has it just begun? I’m still reaching, sometimes I drown in my own thoughts Look for reasons Why did it go

Danny Olson & RUNN – I Hope You Know Lyrics

I Hope You Know Lyrics – Danny Olson & RUNN Cross horizons, empty skies All the long nights leave you tired, I swear We’ll be there (We’ll be there) When

Danny Olson – Fix You Lyrics

Fix You by Danny Olson ft. Jadelyn When you try your best but you don’t succeed When you get what you want not what you need When you feel so