Daughtry – Separate Ways Lyrics

Separate Ways Lyrics – Daughtry Here we stand Worlds apart, hearts broken in two, two, two Sleepless nights Losing ground, I’m reaching for you, you, you Feeling that it’s gone

Daughtry – Desperation Lyrics

Desperation Lyrics – Daughtry State of the mind State of the blind collective Desperation calls for peace Desperate times Freedom denial Free the child, the captive Liberation taunts the thief

Daughtry – World On Fire Lyrics

World On Fire Lyrics – Daughtry Going down like a dead man walking One step from a body in a coffin Just one, one of the fallen Waking up to

Daughtry – Heavy Is The Crown Lyrics

Heavy Is The Crown Lyrics – Daughtry Never needed any reason To find deliverance Like a cancer running through my veins, oh That’s never gonna give in See ’em march

Daughtry – Changes Are Coming Lyrics

Changes Are Coming Lyrics – Daughtry In the darkest of the night Waiting for the light to come When the demons in your mind Remind you of the damage done

Daughtry – Dearly Beloved Lyrics

Dearly Beloved Lyrics – Daughtry I think you know I think you know That I’m not one for letting go It goes to show Sometimes the ones we love We

Daughtry – Cry For Help Lyrics

Cry For Help Lyrics – Daughtry At the bottom Just surviving Reaching for the truth Such a longing The distance driving The nail straight through Ooh, ooh Just try to

Daughtry – Asylum Lyrics

Asylum Lyrics – Daughtry There’s a reign over the horizon The lunatics have taken the asylum Fear is like a dagger And blood is dripping off the blade They wave

Daughtry – Evil Lyrics

Evil Lyrics – Daughtry Oh God got a feeling I got a feeling And it’s a bad one I’m lost in a season In a season And it’s a mad

Daughtry – The Victim Lyrics

The Victim Lyrics – Daughtry You showed me your colors Showed me your face Painted with pretty lies You broke every promise Feeling no shame Leaving me dead inside And

Daughtry – Somebody Lyrics

Somebody Lyrics – Daughtry With you it’s always all or nothing With you I know I’m in for life, oh yeah With you I lay in this bed we made

Daughtry – Call You Mine Lyrics

Call You Mine Lyrics – Daughtry Well it may sound crazy Turn me away, I get it But in another time It was you and me I can tell you

Daughtry – Lioness Lyrics

Lioness Lyrics – Daughtry You’re ticking like a time bomb Fit to blow up everything Sooner or later, babe You’re gonna come for me Once upon a time was the

Daughtry – Break Into My Heart Lyrics

Break Into My Heart Lyrics – Daughtry Been numb so long, I just wanna feel something I used to be so strong, how did I forget? Has the world gone

Daughtry – Alive Lyrics

Alive By Daughtry I was born in a thunderstorm I grew up overnight I played alone I played on my own But I survived Hey I wanted everything I never

Daughtry – Deep End Lyrics

Deep End by Daughtry I’m underwater And I’m on fire There’s nothing wilder than my heart Just let the current Set an emotion Then nothing can keep us apart We’re