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Category: David Guetta

Light Headed Lyrics

David Guetta – Light Headed Lyrics

I’m ready for you, I’m ready for life I trust that I will be alright I’m ready for us, I’m ready tonight Catch me, I’m your butterfly The feeling is […]

Drive Lyrics

David Guetta – Drive Lyrics

I can’t go fast, love To break free from the bound of your love And I ain’t been strong enough To let go, to let go I can’t see clear […]

Like I Do Lyrics

David Guetta – Like I Do Lyrics

Baby, I think of you When I’m all alone and it’s half past two Bet you think about it too Ain’t nobody love you like I do Baby, I think […]

David Guetta – Say My Name Lyrics

Say My Name by David Guetta Feat. Bebe Rexha & J Balvin Released : 2018 [Bebe Rexha:] You’ve been dressing up the truth I’ve been dressing up for you Then […]

David Guetta – Battle Lyrics

Battle by David Guetta Feat. Faouzia Released : 2018 We don’t hide, no we don’t We don’t shade from anyone ‘Cause you and I know better They don’t know we […]