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Category: DeJ Loaf

‘Go DeJ Go’ Vol.1 – EP (2018)

1.  Big Shit Talker
2.  Bullshit
3.  Big Keys
4.  Last Time I Checked
5.  Who Gon’ Stop Us
6.  Go DeJ Go

DeJ Loaf - Technical Foul Lyrics

DeJ Loaf – Technical Foul Lyrics

Technical Foul By DeJ Loaf Marz Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty (Yeah) Don’t send nobody, they gon’ die if they come for me Lot of these niggas be hostin’ me I beat […]

DeJ Loaf - No Passes Lyrics

DeJ Loaf – No Passes Lyrics

No Passes By DeJ Loaf DDS Have you ever lost your mind, and lost your head? Have you ever ever had to bury a friend? Have you ever ever had […]

DeJ Loaf - Rat Lyrics

DeJ Loaf – Rat Lyrics

Rat By DeJ Loaf Helluva made this beat baby We-we-we’ll bring the chef to you My niggas cookin’ and they cater to For these tips, let’s see what a waiter, […]

DeJ Loaf – Bubbly Lyrics

Bubbly By DeJ Loaf Hey London can you bring me the lighter real quick That might be my tag for my producer shit When I start makin’ beats (What’s the […]

DeJ Loaf – Go DeJ Go Lyrics

Go DeJ Go Lyrics by DeJ Loaf Funny niggas, man I swear these niggas tickle me, yeah Rock got slaps DeJ, you a dog, finally off of your leash They […]