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Category: DIIV

DIIV – Blankenship Lyrics

Blankenship by DIIV LYRICS Armageddon is a product And one we choose to buy Dwell on that for a moment With Paradise on fire I guess it’s all the way […]

DIIV – Lorelei Lyrics

Lorelei by DIIV LYRICS Dog-star, ram, and pomegranate Fox swam and swans descant Entranced In an awful dance For Lorelei Pine box or mantle top Circe’s humdrum song Is pleading […]

DIIV – The Spark Lyrics

The Spark by DIIV LYRICS Sit at the foot of my bed She said like a ghost Watch a boat In a cove Lose hope, who knows? Here there’s a […]

DIIV – For The Guilty Lyrics

For The Guilty by DIIV LYRICS Love, revenge Love, redemption Rise and fall Start and stall Cash and prizes You heard them say Are for the guilty And stay that […]

DIIV – Between Tides Lyrics

Between Tides by DIIV LYRICS On and on, the clock was wrong “You’ve been numb so long” His words they lapped an endless rote “It’s gonna rain, build a boat” […]

DIIV – Horsehead Lyrics

Horsehead by DIIV LYRICS I’ve seen The middle of five foot Airtight walls and I’ve told The setting sun a joke He laughed his head right off’ Horsehead It’s never […]

DIIV – Taker Lyrics

Taker by DIIV You watched my lips make The  promise I betrayed The  years I lived in vain Chasing the pain with pain Stand down There’s  oil in my name […]

DIIV – Skin Game Lyrics

Skin Game by DIIV One afterthought on a skin game i took it as prescribed vow Do no harm buy the cure but first you’ll buy the disease I can […]