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Category: Don Toliver

Don Toliver - What You Need Lyrics

Don Toliver – What You Need Lyrics

What You Need Lyrics – Don Toliver What you need, lil’ baby? What you need, lil’ baby? Tell me what you really, really need, lil’ baby (Tell me what you) […]

Don Toliver - Clap Lyrics

Don Toliver – Clap Lyrics

Clap By Don Toliver So and so and on and on (Oh, yeah) If I want you gone, you’re gone I sent that pack, you goin’ long (Oh, yeah) Either […]

Don Toliver – Heaven or Hell Intro Lyrics

Heaven or Hell Intro By Don Toliver Yeah, yeah, uh Uh, yeah Uh, yeah, yeah Well, what brings you to church this evenin’? Fightin’ love, fightin’ hate or you’re fightin’ […]

Don Toliver – Euphoria Lyrics

Don Toliver “Euphoria” (feat. Travis Scott & Kaash Paige) Euphoria, I’m drownin’ in euphoria Drownin’ in euphoria, euphoria Sleep alone by my phone all the time Check my phone, already […]

Don Toliver – After Party Lyrics

After Party By Don Toliver Okay, I pull up, hop out at the after party You and all your friends, yeah, they love to get naughty Sippin’ on that Henn’, […]

Don Toliver – Wasted Lyrics

Wasted By Don Toliver Cassio Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Oh, yeah Oh, yeah This is your time, don’t get that much time with me (Get that much time) This […]