Don Toliver – No Pole Lyrics

No Pole Lyrics – Don Toliver Yeah, uh-uh, uh-uh Uh-uh, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah Uh-uh, yeah She don’t wanna strip no more, don’t wanna hit that pole (Oh) Hit my old plug,

Don Toliver – Geronimo Lyrics

Geronimo Lyrics – Don Toliver Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Tell me what’s the price to pay the motherfuckin’ preacher I was watching from a distance sitting

Don Toliver – Luckily I’m Having Lyrics

Luckily I’m Having Lyrics – Don Toliver Baby (Have have, have, have, have, baby) Baby (Have have, have, have, have) Baby, you can have what you want You know, whatever

Don Toliver – Embarrassed Lyrics

Embarrassed Lyrics – Don Toliver New checks on me, they clear Got her naked on the terrace Got my diamonds on in Paris Got my diamonds on, embarrassed Had to

Don Toliver – LoveSickness Lyrics

LoveSickness Lyrics – Don Toliver (I know you’re done with me) Where I’m at, yeah, where I’m at (Yeah) I don’t know how I’m gettin’ home (How) I been sippin’

Don Toliver – Let Her Go Lyrics

Let Her Go Lyrics – Don Toliver Don’t I make you feel special? I think you’re gettin’ loose when you’re near I think I’m really here for once I’m hopin’

Don Toliver – Go Down Lyrics

Go Down Lyrics – Don Toliver (feat. TisaKorean) I just want to pick you up, can it go down? Hit you in the backseat, can it go down? I just

Don Toliver – Time Heals All Lyrics

Time Heals All Lyrics – Don Toliver You know time heals all, I ain’t sweatin’ (Yeah) I’ma beat it up until breakfast Lookin’ in the mirror, no flexin’ Swervin’ through

Don Toliver – Leather Coat Lyrics

Leather Coat Lyrics – Don Toliver I’m feelin’ like you can’t hear me (Hear me) I cared about us bein’ in love One hand on the wheel, I’m steerin’ I

Don Toliver – Honeymoon Lyrics

Honeymoon Lyrics – Don Toliver I love you But I can hate you at the same time Wedding rings We got ’em at the same time I guess it’s a

Don Toliver – If I Had Lyrics

If I Had Lyrics – Don Toliver (feat. Charlie Wilson) You should fall in, you should fall in sometime Yeah, sometime Yeah, sometime You should fall in, you should fall

Don Toliver – Company Pt. 3 Lyrics

Company Pt. 3 Lyrics – Don Toliver I wonder how you feel inside ‘Cause you got me all like “Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh” You’re gettin’ down there plenty

Don Toliver – Bus Stop Lyrics

Bus Stop Lyrics – Don Toliver (feat. Brent Faiyaz) By the bus stop Most of the room didn’t make it, the kid was like How can I get my baby

Don Toliver – Cinderella Lyrics

Cinderella Lyrics – Don Toliver (feat. Toro y Moi) It’s a love letter It’s some things that I do but I won’t say I do You should get to know

Don Toliver – Encouragement Lyrics

Encouragement Lyrics – Don Toliver I guess I never, ever felt like— Who the hell encouraged them? I guess you heard him He got too many cars, oh, he went

Don Toliver – Slow Motion Lyrics

Slow Motion Lyrics – Don Toliver (feat. Wizkid) She just wanna go dancing (Dancing) Baby, tell me what you’re hopin’ And leave your door wide open See it in slow

Don Toliver – Private Landing Lyrics

Private Landing Lyrics – Don Toliver (feat. Justin Bieber & Future) I’m feelin’ stuck (Feelin’ stuck) I’m off a bean (Yeah), like, what the fuck? (What the fuck?) I’m in

Don Toliver – Leave the Club Lyrics

Leave the Club Lyrics – Don Toliver Buss it open, show me babe (Ooh, baby, please) Buss it open, show me babe (Ooh, baby, please) Buss it for a real

Don Toliver – 4 Me Lyrics

4 Me Lyrics – Don Toliver (feat. Kali Uchis) Know it gets better Even in the rain, you gotta keep your head up (Yeah) I let her tell it, she