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Category: Easy Life

Easy Life – LS6 Lyrics

Earth By Easy Life I’m a hundred miles away My MasterCard credit is maxed out I’m cold like a Baltic Sea wave Alprazolam got me passed out And February lasts […]

Easy Life – Earth Lyrics

Earth By Easy Life And yet another crash landin’ I need a little understandin’ Don’t feel at home on this planet (Earth) But I’ll be lookin’ so candid Yeah, still […]

Easy Life – Spiders Lyrics

Spiders By Easy Life Who’s gonna pick up the spiders? Be the candy underneath my eyelids? Gonna tell me that I’m too far gone, and I should go home? Who’s […]

Easy Life – Sangria Lyrics

Sangria By Easy Life ft. Arlo Parks Sangria and bottle tops Popping like we’ll never stop Reaching for some H2O Let’s wash away these boulder rocks Drop a penny in […]

Easy Life – Nice Guys Lyrics

Nice Guys By Easy Life Lyrics Don’t sleep on me, girl, just because Sprinkle me with your fairy dust I’m on sight and I’m all dressed up I bleed gold when I fall […]