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Category: Echosmith

Echosmith – Cracked Lyrics

Cracked By Echosmith I’ve run out of safe Corners to hide in I feel so awake I’m sleeping through sirens Fill books with my dreams Sometimes, they ignore me So […]

Echosmith – Stuck Lyrics

Stuck By Echosmith People say, “People change” I don’t think that that’ll change everything I feel inside “Give it space, give it days” I don’t think that that’ll change eating […]

Echosmith – Last Forever Lyrics

Last Forever By Echosmith You and me, we were setting love on fire On the beach, nothing better, nothing brighter We fell like stars and lightning On the night when […]

Echosmith – Everyone Cries Lyrics

Everyone Cries By Echosmith Do you feel invisible? Like you’re on a shelf? Like somebody stole your dream And now you’re someone else? One minute incredible Then it’s ripped away […]