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Category: EDEN

EDEN – Peaked Lyrics

Peaked By EDEN Dancing on my own My feet are drawn to you They’re lost at every sound My heart can’t fade out Almost said why you gotta waste my […]

Eden – ​​good morning Lyrics

​good morning By Eden I never had the guts to run away Ever since 16, been dreaming of a brighter day Out of control and out of everything You came […]

Eden – ​in Lyrics

in By Eden Yeah, our project is just really slow because we’re trying to just find ways to or just in theory. Backwards at times just to get through some of this stuff and […]

Eden – ​hertz Lyrics

hertz By Eden I can’t see a way through And I can’t be myself around you (I’m honest) I can’t stop myself from thinking it’s all over (Yeah) You’re gonna […]

Eden – ​static Lyrics

static By Eden Shuffle in the dark I’m throwing out parts and time Is always changing Particles spin down Separated lust, yeah Couple seconds up You want something that ain’t […]

Eden – ​calm down Lyrics

​calm down By Eden Reflections Of my dash aligning stars over shoulder Inflections Tell me you don’t really mean what you say That you were in love, love, love (I […]