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Category: EDEN

EDEN – isohel Lyrics

isohel By EDEN ten tonne ballast on my chest as i woke up a heavy inhale for the nights you stole fucked up the balance in my head but its […]

EDEN – just saying Lyrics

just saying By EDEN And honestly, I can’t sleep no more The film is dark but it’s only reconstructing light that don’t shine no more Can’t help but dream of […]

EDEN – tides Lyrics

tides By EDEN Tide rushin’ into me, to me ‘Til I, breathe easy on my knees Comes falling since, I been, been, I been If ain’t easy on my knees, […]

EDEN – projector Lyrics

projector By EDEN Touch me and slip away I can’t hide feeling out of place I can’t function, oh my mistake Thought you were someone I once knew I was […]

EDEN – untitled Lyrics

Untitled by EDEN Lyrics i couldnt wait to leave that town it broke my heart i had to go i made a choice to see this out i lost it […]