Editors - Silence Lyrics

Editors – Silence Lyrics

Silence Lyrics – Editors When we wake at last Did the circus come to town? I’ve broken the looking glass ...

Editors - Strawberry Lemonade Lyrics

Editors – Strawberry Lemonade Lyrics

Strawberry Lemonade Lyrics – Editors (Hey, what you say) This will never come between us (Hey, what you say) It ...

Editors - Educate Lyrics

Editors – Educate Lyrics

Educate Lyrics – Editors I don’t wanna be wasting your time Over and over This is how we hide from ...

Editors - Strange Intimacy Lyrics

Editors – Strange Intimacy Lyrics

Strange Intimacy Lyrics – Editors (Strange Intimacy Strange Intimacy) I can’t back down Where were you when I needed you? ...

Editors - Picturesque Lyrics

Editors – Picturesque Lyrics

Picturesque Lyrics – Editors You stopped looking for the right path you oughta know What looking at the future does ...

Editors - Vibe Lyrics

Editors – Vibe Lyrics

Vibe Lyrics – Editors (Hey, hey, hey, hey) Who lights a cigarette in that way? I bet you are immortal ...

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