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Category: Elle King

Elle King – Chained Lyrics

Chained by Elle King Feat. Cameron Neal Released : 2018 We can run away But we can’t hide for long And all that lingers harms us I can lie to […]

Elle King – Sober Lyrics

Sober by Elle King Released : 2018 Well this wine looks lonely on that shelf Well it won’t drink itself and I’m sober I’m even wrong when I’m right But […]

Elle King – Ram Jam Lyrics

Ram Jam by Elle King Released : 2018 I woke up, but I had a new ceiling There were people around, people around me as I woke up Half of […]

Elle King – It Girl Lyrics

It Girl by Elle King Released : 2018 Full Lyrics will be available soon. Check out Later, or You Can Send Us the Lyrics Using Form Below. Shake The Spirit […]

Elle King – Runaway Lyrics

Runaway by Elle King Released : 2018 I was just a poor, young, little ugly thing Momma kicked me out just shy of 17 I was lookin’ for love in […]