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Category: Elohim

Elohim - I'm Lost Lyrics

Elohim – I’m Lost Lyrics

I’m Lost By Elohim I’m lost since I lost you You’re gone, now I’m gone too It’s crazy how you made me feel like all the gaps had mended through […]

Elohim – Group Therapy Lyrics

Group Therapy By Elohim Sun comes up, lyin’ in bed Up to late, feel like I’m dead Head is pounding, like Like I’m drowning Tryna hold on, tryna let go […]

Elohim - Paradise Lyrics

Elohim – Paradise Lyrics

Paradise by Elohim: Paradise Lyrics: I pack my bags, I’m ready It doesn’t matter where I go Someone, no one can find me Just leave the world behind me Everybody’s […]

Elohim – ​flagpole sitta Lyrics

flagpole sitta by Elohim [Elohim & AWOLNATION]I have visions, I was in themI was looking into the mirrorTo see a little bit clearerThe rottenness and evil in me (Okay)Fingertips have […]

Elohim – ​metamorphine Lyrics

"Metamorphine" from album "BRAINDEAD" Released May 10, 2019 [Elohim]You’re what I crave, you’re in my veinsYou’re on my brain, I’m insane for youIt’s hard to sleep, I barely eatCan’t hear […]

Elohim – ​meditation medication Lyrics

meditation medication By Elohim [Elohim] You’re floating Condensing Keep breathing We’re only dreaming Close your eyes Breathe in Everything’s okay You’re safe Just keep on breathing Feel the warmth around […]