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Category: Elohim

Elohim – ​pills Lyrics

pills by Elohim [Elohim] Take pills for the shakes For the aches For the chill of it I take pills for my health For myself So I can live with […]

Elohim – ​running Lyrics

running by Elohim [Elohim] Imagine you’re running through the jungle And a lion is chasing you You’re running your ass off and you can’t get away The lion is anxiety […]

Elohim – braindead Lyrics

braindead by Elohim [Elohim] She don’t care about the things that make her have to think So she’ll take another pill or have another drink He don’t wanna feel the […]

Elohim – TV Lyrics

TV Lyrics by Elohim [Elohim] I woke up depressed as fuck I wanna sit around and tell you how it sucks How it’s hard to walk with spaghetti legs And […]

Elohim - Buckets Lyrics

Elohim – Buckets Lyrics

Buckets Lyrics [Elohim] Suddenly I’m filled with hope Today’s much better than the day before Everything looks beautiful After the rain, after the rain My world’s in color now My […]

Elohim lyrics

Elohim – Insecure Lyrics

Insecure by Elohim Released : 2018 Imagine if I could see Myself like you’re seeing me I wouldn’t be so obsessed With being somebody else Imagine if I was free […]