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Category: Emeli Sandé

Emeli Sandé – Real Life Lyrics

Real Life by Emeli Sandé: If a soldier had a gun to my head Would you fight or would you just play dead? If we ain’t got no food, ain’t […]

Emeli Sandé – Survivor Lyrics

Survivor by Emeli Sandé: Baby, I been lost at sea I been in the dark Oh, I’ve been on my knees I’ve been torn apart So I thank God that […]

Emeli Sandé – Honest Lyrics

Honest by Emeli Sandé: We may live again, but hey now, maybe not So if you love someone, give it all you’ve got Time is easy spent, but it can’t […]

Emeli Sandé – Love to Help Lyrics

Love to Help by Emeli Sandé: Wherever you go, I wanna go there If ever you’re alone, I’ll kill your nightmares If they dip you in blue, I’m painting you […]

Emeli Sandé – Human Lyrics

Human by Emeli Sandé We all love, we all pray We’ve all made some mistakes Win or losing, we all human We all go through things We all dream, we […]

Emeli Sandé – Shine Lyrics

Shine Lyrics by Emeli Sandé Let’s keep it wheelin’, say how you feelin’ Like you got the whole world behind you And break all the rules of love who you […]

Emeli Sandé – Sparrow Lyrics

Sparrow Lyrics By Emeli Sandé I got wind beneath my wings I think this time I’m gonna make it ’til morning I got strength within my heart I’m gonna sing […]

Emeli Sandé – 10,000 Enemies Lyrics

10,000 Enemies by Emeli Sandé [Emeli Sandé] 10,000 enemies wait at my door I wait for freedom soon, can’t take much more I feel the whole Earth shake (I feel […]

Emeli Sandé – Starlight Lyrics

Starlight by Emeli Sandé Released : 2017 Yeah yeah yeah Um um You are my starlight Your shine can brighten up the darkness night I’ll follow you until the daylight […]