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Category: Fat Joe

Fat Joe – Been Thru Lyrics

Been Thru By Fat Joe Back when it was diesel on the block I would flash a heat, alley-oop the Glock (Pew, pew, pew, pew) Told ’em, “If a n---- […]

Fat Joe – Heaven & Hell Lyrics

Heaven & Hell By Fat Joe The dynamic, family ties Open up shop, work round the clock First-class services, lines down the block I storm in glasses, my VIP fiends got priority passes […]

Fat Joe – Hands On You Lyrics

Hands On You By Fat Joe Yeah, Don talk Uh, yeah I got free liquor, free liquor Gold bottles we toast ’cause we richer Bella Hadid, Habib can’t be thicker […]

Fat Joe – Day 1’s Lyrics

Day 1’s By Fat Joe This is This This We was on the same track, me and my day 1 Never a doubt, it’s a fact, that’s my day 1 I never thought […]

Fat Joe – Big Splash Lyrics

Big Splash By Fat Joe I’ma give you real talk Had to cut a couple b------ off This year I’m only tryna get paid I made a resolution that a […]

Fat Joe – Drive Lyrics

Drive By Fat Joe Ooh yeah (Yeah) Dolla $ign Hitmaka! Late night I put you in drive (Drive) ‘Cause I don’t see no lights behind, lights behind me, yeah Late […]

Fat Joe – Deep Lyrics

Deep By Fat Joe ft. DRE I took this b---- to the Amalfi Coast Back to Mexico packed her bags like vamanos Used to play the ‘jects used to serve […]

Fat Joe – YES Lyrics

YES by Fat Joe This is Lo’ intocable’, ¿oíste, lambebicho? ¡Jaja! A-- up, face down (Face down, face down) This for Pretty Lou (Ah) Yes, a-- up, face down (Face down, face down) […]

Attention Lyrics

Fat Joe & Dre – Attention Lyrics

Attention by Fat Joe & Dre (Feat. Chris Brown) [Fat Joe] It’s like Déjà vu Ladies love cool Dre Crack! You gotta love us [Chris Brown] Now you’re callin’ me […]

Fat Joe – Momma Lyrics

Momma by Fat Joe Feat. Big Sean & Dre Released : 2018 You know one man’s treasure is another man’s trash (speak on it) And you know the man who […]