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Category: Fredo Bang

Fredo Bang – Get Even Lyrics

Get Even By Fredo Bang Ain’t that DJ Chose over there? Oh, looked like DJ Chose Hard body Perc’ and the lean Trapped out, serve it to the fiends Now […]

Fredo Bang – Lazer Tag Lyrics

Lazer Tag By Fredo Bang (Ooh, that’s a Hardbody beat…) Woo, yeehaw, yeah Pop me a Perc’, I’ma pop me a ten Sip on some drank and I let it […]

Fredo Bang – Saucy Lyrics

Saucy By Fredo Bang Ain’t that DJ Chose over there? Ouuh, that’s a Hardbody beat Yeah, diamonds in my AP, check the time, you can’t see it Bitch wanna fuck […]

Fredo Bang – Trust Issues Lyrics

Trust Issues By Fredo Bang Is you ridin now cause I don’t know whats up with you Lot of love gotta have the same if I’m gonna fuck with ya […]

Fredo Bang – Yo Slime Lyrics

Yo Slime By Fredo Bang Yo Slime Lyrics: Damn Chose Hardbody If you won’t up that bitch then you can’t come on a ride I know you niggas pussy, keep […]