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Category: G-Eazy Lyrics

G-Eazy – Demons & Angels Lyrics

Demons & Angels By G-Eazy Lyrics I really thought my last girl would be my last girl Life changes quicker when you live inside a fast world She ain’t want […]

G-Eazy – Hittin Licks Lyrics

Hittin Licks By G-Eazy Lyrics One of one ain’t no one like me One of one ain’t no one like you Yeah, we the s--- together Lets go around the […]

G-Eazy - K I D S Lyrics

G-Eazy – K I D S Lyrics

K I D S By G-Eazy Lyrics This is sick though, Yeah New York City, the city of dreams Staying up they’re like what do you got against sleep Playing […]

G-Eazy – Big Ben Lyrics

Big Ben By G-Eazy Lyrics Right here in the game, swear I’ma win Fresh out the pen, ain’t going back there again My baby mama no drama, said she don’t […]

G-Eazy – Full Time Cappers Lyrics

Full Time Cappers By G-Eazy Lyrics G-Eazy, what up? From the back to the universe JetsonMade another one F--- a scrimmage, this ain’t practice We put a---- in the rafters […]

G-Eazy – Scary Nights Lyrics

Scary Nights By G-Eazy Lyrics Scary nights in the city, yeah (Scary nights in the city) Cut the lights in the city, yeah (Cut the lights in the city) They […]

G-Eazy – I Wanna Rock Lyrics

I Wanna Rock By G-Eazy Lyrics I wanna rock, I wanna rock (Rock) I wanna rock, I wanna rock (Rock) I wanna rock, I wanna rock (Rock) Wanna finna let […]

G-Eazy - Too Loud Lyrics

G-Eazy – Too Loud Lyrics

Too Loud by G-Eazy: Yeah, My license plate is rattling and my trunk go boom Bay to the universe and back to the moon Fixed trauma factor I’m a boss tycoon My d--- smelled […]

G-Eazy – No Rappers Lyrics

No Rappers by G-Eazy: When my [?] had backwards Damn, so don’t let you girl kick it with no rappers Politics with philips and I hang around factors Smash a […]

G-Eazy – Got A Check Lyrics

Got A Check by G-Eazy ft. T-Pain, ALLBLACK, Offset Jim (I’m in London, got my beat from London) (It’s G-Eazy, ALLBLACK and Offset Jim) I could spend a milli’, got a check (Got […]

G-Eazy – All Facts Lyrics

All Facts by G-Eazy ft. Ty Dolla $ign What’s really is still real Yeah Why you on the ‘Gram postin’ thirst traps? Remember, you supported all my first raps Before this s--- was […]

G-Eazy – B-Sides (Album Lyrics)

Artist: G-Eazy Album: B-Sides Release Date: June 25, 2019 Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Tracklist: 1. Bang (Feat. Tyga) 2. Spectacular Now 3. It’s Eazy Read All Lyrics to “B-Sides” Album  

G-Eazy – It’s Eazy Lyrics

It’s Eazy by G-Eazy It’s Eazy, it’s Eazy You ain’t know him, best believe me It’s Eazy, it’s Eazy, it’s Eazy, it’s Eazy Water wet, call it Fiji Keep goin’, […]

G-Eazy – Spectacular Now Lyrics

Spectacular Now by G-Eazy Yeah A quick trip to NOLA to catch up with some old friends Yeah, I copped the whip and then next day, start thinkin’ ’bout the […]

G-Eazy – Bang Lyrics

Bang by G-Eazy ft. Tyga Aye I’m a balla, baby, he ain’t got no game I’m a big dog, baby, rock big chains And I need a super freak like […]