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Category: G-Eazy Lyrics

G-Eazy – A Very Strange Time Lyrics

A Very Strange Time By G-Eazy Lyrics Where is my mind? Where is my mind? Where is my mind? (Haha) Yeah It’s somewhere offshore, it’s somewhere on tour The show […]

G-Eazy – Demons & Angels Lyrics

Demons & Angels By G-Eazy Lyrics I really thought my last girl would be my last girl Life changes quicker when you live inside a fast world She ain’t want […]

G-Eazy – Hittin Licks Lyrics

Hittin Licks By G-Eazy Lyrics One of one ain’t no one like me One of one ain’t no one like you Yeah, we the s--- together Lets go around the […]

G-Eazy - K I D S Lyrics

G-Eazy – K I D S Lyrics

K I D S By G-Eazy Lyrics This is sick though, Yeah New York City, the city of dreams Staying up they’re like what do you got against sleep Playing […]

G-Eazy – Big Ben Lyrics

Big Ben By G-Eazy Lyrics Right here in the game, swear I’ma win Fresh out the pen, ain’t going back there again My baby mama no drama, said she don’t […]

G-Eazy – Full Time Cappers Lyrics

Full Time Cappers By G-Eazy Lyrics G-Eazy, what up? From the back to the universe JetsonMade another one F--- a scrimmage, this ain’t practice We put a---- in the rafters […]