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Category: GASHI

GASHI – Mr. Ferrari Lyrics

Mr. Ferrari By GASHI Lyrics Like this road keep your eyes on me Flexing like exercise on me All these hoes on the side of me Pay the talkers to ride in free […]

GASHI – Yesterday Lyrics

Yesterday by GASHI: You said I was holding on to what went wrong Let go, let go And through the time we could be fixing us Felt alone, and you did what you want […]

GASHI – Safety Lyrics

Safety by GASHI ft. DJ Snake Sometimes I wanna fall in love ’cause I’m sick of lies When you not around all I got is tear in my head Mama […]

GASHI – Roses Lyrics

Roses Lyrics by GASHI She’s like a renegade in my head, that’s what she is And she’s sleeping now in my bed, now she left She likes fighting with the […]

GASHI – Fake Lyrics

Fake Lyrics by GASHI Feat. Travis Scott Full Lyrics Will Be Available Soon, Check Back Later. GASHI Lyrics  

GASHI – That’s Mine Lyrics

(feat. Ledri Vula) [Gashi] That’s mine That’s my baby [Gashi] You pick up Never let me down When I’m Stressed out help me calm down When I mess up never […]

Gashi – My Year Lyrics

My Year Lyrics by Gashi (Feat. G-Eazy) Bad b---- rolling up, .. rollin’ all by herself She just wanna f---, pull up in the crib with the girls on my […]

GASHI – No Face No Case Lyrics

No Face No Case Lyrics GASHI (feat. Giggs) Yeah, yeah Dodging the case! (It’s 6 figure music baby) I break the law, hop in the Wraith Doing the race, dodging […]

GASHI – Creep On Me Lyrics

Creep On Me by GASHI Released : 2018 [GASHI:] My heart goin’ up and down when it’s you I see All these girls so salty cause y’all so sweet You […]

GASHI – Blame It On The Bag Lyrics

Blame It On The Bag by GASHI Released : 2018 If you wonderin’ why I changed up Tell ’em the money is why I changed up I’m gettin’ high, smokin’ […]

GASHI – Used To Be Lyrics

Used To Be by GASHI Released : 2018 Tootsies on the top floor spinning dough Five-forty-five and I’m getting dough If you didn’t know, b----, now you know Pop that […]

G4SHI – Turn Me Down Lyrics

Turn Me Down by G4SHI Released : 2017 Swear they ain’t never gonna slow me down When I’m in your city people hold me down Ain’t no b---- in this […]