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Category: Global Dan

Global Dan – Lotus Lyrics

Lotus by Global Dan: Global you said you never got a chance to live this lifestyle Baby, what you know? Pull up in a Lotus (Yeah), I bet she notice me (Notice me) […]

Global Dan – Runaway Lyrics

Runaway by Global Dan ft. Yung Pinch (Mario!) It’s summertime, 105 in LA, it got me thinking “Where did all the time go? Where did all the time go?” Let’s […]

Global Dan – Handz Up Lyrics

Handz Up by Global Dan Shorty wanna be my girlfriend I don’t really want that No, I just want you to come throw back You said you got a man, […]

Global Dan – W.A.N.T.S Lyrics

W.A.N.T.S Lyrics By Global Dan [Global Dan] Oh yeah, I don’t wanna wait for another day Can’t believe I didn’t see you right in front of me Do you remember […]

Global Dan – We Lit Lyrics

We Lit Lyrics By Global Dan [Intro] I fucked a bitch that I met in church (What?) She sucked my dick for a fucking purse (Yeah) I got an uzi, […]