Gunna – bread & butter Lyrics

bread & butter Lyrics – Gunna Goin’ all out when it’s ’bout that bread and butter They’ll kill for clout, I put that on my dead brother, yeah He talk

Gunna – Banking On Me Lyrics

Banking On Me Lyrics – Gunna Metro Boomin want some more, nigga She bankin’ on me, I’m the bank (Bank) I smack her, she love to get spanked (Get spanked)

Gunna – P power Lyrics (feat. Drake)

P power Lyrics – Gunna (If young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you) She wanna go viral (Viral), keep fuckin’ for hours (Hours) That pussy got power, that

Gunna – all the money Lyrics

all the money Lyrics – Gunna Metro This time around we want all the money (Yeah) This time around we want all the money (Yeah) This time around we want

Gunna – private island Lyrics

private island Lyrics – Gunna Wheezy outta here I’m just kickin’ it with a baddie, smokin’ on exotic (Yes) Ain’t it ironic, look at me now, I used to sell

Gunna – pushin P Lyrics

pushin P Lyrics – Gunna (Wheezy outta here) Pushin’ P Yeah, pushin’ P, turn me up Turn me up, P, uh-ah Pointers in the Patek and my piece, I’m pushin’

Gunna – mop Lyrics

mop Lyrics – Gunna Wheezy outta here Yah, yeah, yah I’m fuckin’ a bitch in a pent’ (Ski) I’m fuckin’ a bitch in a Patek (Ski, ski) I fucked a

Gunna – thought i was playing Lyrics

thought i was playing Lyrics – Gunna (Mike WiLL, Mike WiLL) (Young Rari) [Gunna:] This FN chop with bullets, it’s a AK in my hand These boys a bunch of

Gunna – how you did that Lyrics

how you did that Lyrics – Gunna (Makers) Say Gunna Wunna (Run that back, Turbo) I’m gonna wanna fuck her too Shit’ll catch up on a AR How you did

Gunna – alotta cake Lyrics

alotta cake Lyrics – Gunna (Metro) Lotta cake, fornicate (Yeah) What is this? Vertebrae (What is this?) Diamond lens (Yeah), Cartier (Yeah) Pockets fat, overweight (Yeah) Cannabis, meditate (Cannabis) Overseas,

Gunna – livin wild Lyrics

livin wild Lyrics – Gunna (Makers) Why me, baby? You know every day, we livin’ life Up and downs and shit, goin’ through shit Going through changes, and you know

Gunna – you & me Lyrics

you & me Lyrics – Gunna Don’t listen to what people say They don’t know about, ’bout you and me Put it out your mind ’cause it’s jealousy They don’t

Gunna – south to west Lyrics

south to west Lyrics – Gunna Playmakers Run that back Turbo Yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Oops, I made a mess, G5 for the jets I’m ’bout to

Gunna – 25k jacket Lyrics

25k jacket Lyrics – Gunna Wheezy outta here I’m pushin’ P, that’s my favorite alphabet She let me do as I please, I’m an alpha male When your lawyer paid

Gunna – idk that bitch Lyrics

idk that bitch Lyrics – Gunna Taurus Run that back Turbo [Gunna:] How the hell you love that bitch? You don’t know that bitch (How?) That’s like havin’ set prices

Gunna – flooded Lyrics

flooded Lyrics – Gunna Ooh Twix, stop playin’ Flooded, flooded, flooded AP and Patek Phillipe, flooded He got that Richard Mille, flooded Cubans and bracelets and necklace, flooded Stones in

Gunna – missing me Lyrics

missing me Lyrics – Gunna Wheezy outta here I was hoping that you noticed me (Notice me) I’m in the sky baby, shine like a star baby (Star baby) I

Gunna – so far ahead > empire Lyrics

so far ahead > empire Lyrics – Gunna [“so far ahead”] Yeah (Taurus) Yeah (Run it back, Turbo) We made it, when it’s all said Through scars and tears I

Gunna – Too Easy Lyrics

Too Easy Lyrics Gunna & Future (Wheezy outta here) It’s Young Wunna and Young Wheezy, man, this shit too easy Different bitch for every season showin’ me they cleavage I