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Category: Gunna

Gunna – Same Yung Nigga Lyrics

Same Yung N---- Lyrics By Gunna [Gunna] Wheezy outta here Run that back, Turbo [Gunna] Yeah Stack them hunnits up like Lego (Lego) Remember I had to charge my bro […]

Gunna – Out the Hood Lyrics

Out the Hood Lyrics By Gunna [Gunna] Run that back, Turbo [Gunna] I’m out the hood, but I’m hood melodic I smoke good narcotics, keep my diamonds polished Throw a […]

Gunna – On a Mountain Lyrics

On a Mountain Lyrics By Gunna [Gunna] Run that back, Turbo [Gunna] Feel like I’m sittin’ on a mountain, yeah All this water on me look like a fountain (Fountain, […]

Gunna – Big Shot Lyrics

Big Shot Lyrics By Gunna [Intro] Ghetto GuitarRun that back, Turbo [Gunna] I connected all the dots (Connected all the dots) Pulled that foreign out the lot (That foreign out […]

Gunna – 3 Headed Snake Lyrics

3 Headed Snake Lyrics By Gunna [Gunna] Aimin’ at a date, aimin’ at a Wraith, aimin’ at a gate, mmh Aimin’ at a date, aimin’ at a Wraith, aimin’ at […]

Gunna – Baby Birkin Lyrics

Baby Birkin Lyrics By Gunna [Gunna] I know my purpose European car, it came with curtains (Yeah) I have a daughter, I’m buying her baby Birkin (Baby Birkin) F----- her […]

Gunna – Derek Fisher Lyrics

Derek Fisher Lyrics By Gunna Makers Run that back, Turbo [Gunna] Hesitation, wipe the tears from your eye (Tears from your eyes) Wish I still could see you, my dawgs […]

Gunna – Idk Why Lyrics

Idk Why Lyrics By Gunna [Gunna] Wheezy outta here [Gunna] All I know is grind (Grind) Wonder why the Lord steady sendin’ me blessings, I don’t know why (Don’t know […]

Gunna – Yao Ming Lyrics

Yao Ming Lyrics By Gunna [Gunna] Yeah, yeah Yeah, uh [Gunna] Yao Ming, this money tall (This money tall) I just checked the stats, n----- still waitin’ on me to […]

Gunna – Richard Millie Plain Lyrics

Richard Millie Plain Lyrics By Gunna [Gunna] Playmakers Run that back, Turbo [Gunna] Did the dash and I blowed the brains (Dash and I blowed the brain) Countin’ cash on […]

Gunna – Cash War Lyrics

Cash War Lyrics By Gunna [Gunna] Wheezy outta here [Gunna] Lotta money, I can have a cash war Flew back across the water with a passport (Ah) Lamborghini Uru is […]

Gunna – Wit It Lyrics

Wit It Lyrics By Gunna [Gunna] Wheezy outta here [Gunna] I see you with it, I’m with it, my n----, let’s get it Bankroll got hundreds and fifties All too […]

Gunna – Outstanding Lyrics

Outstanding Lyrics By Gunna [Intro] Yeah, yeah, man you know what I’m sayin’ Makers Young Gunna, Gunna, you know what I’m sayin’, yeah Run that back, Turbo [Chorus] When I […]

Gunna – Speed It Up Lyrics

Speed It Up Lyrics by Gunna Hold on, hold on, speed it up, hold on (Run that back, Turbo) Speed it up, speed it up Eat it up, eat it […]

Gunna – One Call Lyrics

One Call Lyrics by Gunna [Gunna] Makers Run that back, Turbo Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey [Gunna] Designer head to toe (Head to toe) I sip to the head […]

Gunna – My Slime Lyrics

My Slime Lyrics Gunna I remember somebody once told me “I ain’t s--- without my home boys” Funny thing is, they was right My slime is my slime (Slime, slime) […]