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Category: Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes – Night and Day Lyrics

Night and Day by Hunter Hayes Two different people ‘Round and ’round again We keep pretending around our friends We’re two different people And you’re mixing signals Mixing you and […]

Hunter Hayes – Loving You Lyrics

Loving You by Hunter Hayes I can’t sleep, it’s like I’m trying to breathe underwater Recovery is taking me so much longer It’s like the drunkest form of sober Door […]

Hunter Hayes - Madness Lyrics

Hunter Hayes – Madness Lyrics

Madness by Hunter Hayes The sirens Yeah,  the sirens on the streets run inside of me The  silence It sounds like a clock counting down and it’s deafening My heart’s […]

Hunter Hayes - My Song Too Lyrics

Hunter Hayes – My Song Too Lyrics

My Song Too by Hunter Hayes Thank you for that night in Napa Valley You said all those things I’ve never heard you say And you didn’t wanna break my […]

Hunter Hayes – Wild Blue Lyrics

Wild Blue by Hunter Hayes Standing at the edge of the unknown where the wild blue sky begins This is where I take all my Sundays I’ve saved and I […]

Hunter Hayes – One Good Reason Lyrics

One Good Reason Lyrics by Hunter Hayes It’s been one of those days that I should get used to Wake up, get goin’, stay busy Puttin’ off gettin’ alone ’cause […]