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Category: Injury Reserve

Injury Reserve – New Hawaii Lyrics

New Hawaii by Injury Reserve (Feat. DRAM, Tony Velour & Dylan Brady) I been callin’ for you Know that I been Know that I been on your mind some time […]

Injury Reserve – Hello?! Lyrics

Hello?! by Injury Reserve Is anybody listening? Could anybody hear me now? Hey, there, hey, yeah Yeah, do people only hear what they want? Is anybody listening? Hey, hey, hey, […]

Injury Reserve – GTFU Lyrics

GTFU by Injury Reserve (feat. Cakes Da Killa & JPEGMAFIA) Get the f--- up (Brrt, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow) Huh (N----) Get the f--- up (Wow, blow, […]

Injury Reserve – Wax On Lyrics

Wax On by Injury Reserve (Feat. Freddie Gibbs) Wax on, wax off, stack up all your weight, yeah Hands up, man up, stand up for your fate, yeah Wax on, […]

Injury Reserve – Koruna & Lime Lyrics

Koruna & Lime Lyrics by Injury Reserve [Injury Reserve: Ritchie with a T] Ahh! Hey, give me that one over there, yeah Bloo, bloo, bloo, bloo, bloo, bloo (Hey) Alright, […]

Injury Reserve – Jawbreaker Lyrics

Jawbreaker Lyrics by Injury Reserve (Feat. Rico Nasty & Pro Teens) [PRO TEENS] How come you staring like you don’t know what it’s for Get your s--- together, get your […]