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Category: Jade Bird

Album: Jade Bird (2019)

Jade Bird - Candidate Lyrics

Jade Bird – Candidate Lyrics

Candidate Lyrics – Jade Bird I swear I got a sign written on my head Don’t use the stairs, go ahead, walk on me instead Every man takes me for […]

Jade Bird - Houdini Lyrics

Jade Bird – Houdini Lyrics

Houdini Lyrics – Jade Bird It’s a quarter to 3 and its clear, clear to me that you’re leaving Usually, we don’t come, come to blows till the evening And […]

Jade Bird - Headstart Lyrics

Jade Bird – Headstart Lyrics

Headstart Lyrics – Jade Bird They say I act around you, different than I usually do They say that I’ve even given special treatment I’d deny it but I can’t […]