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Category: Jamila Woods

Album: LEGACY! LEGACY! (2019)

Jamila Woods – Baldwin Lyrics

Baldwin by Jamila Woods You don’t know a thing about our story, tell it wrong all the time Don’t know a thing about our glory, wanna steal my baby’s shine […]

Jamila Woods – Octavia Lyrics

Octavia by Jamila Woods [Jamila Woods] Don’t ever let a textbook scare you You the missing piece, OG technology, they stole you Don’t ever let ’em knock the way you […]

Jamila Woods – Sun Ra Lyrics

Sun Ra by Jamila Woods [Jamila Woods] I’m a fable, you and me We should leave this planet to our enemies Got a solar system in my bee-dee-bees And my […]

Jamila Woods – Basquiat Lyrics

Basquiat by Jamila Woods [Jamila Woods] They wanna see me angry They wanna see me bear my teeth, yeah I’m a stovetop, baby I smile in your face, but the […]

Jamila Woods – Muddy Lyrics

Muddy by Jamila Woods [Jamila Woods] Motherfuckers won’t shut up We been in a war, my God Some country shit won’t cut it He need the blues he could plug […]