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Category: Janine

99 album

Janine – Wrong Thing Lyrics

Wrong Thing Lyrics from Album 99 by Janine If our words spoke the truth Could we be forgiven? And accept what this is, not the title given Maybe, we’ll start […]

99 album

Janine – Believed In You Lyrics

Believed In You Lyrics from Album 99 by Janine I believed, I believed, I believed, I believed in love And I can’t, and I can’t, and I can’t get back […]

99 album

Janine – Numb Lyrics

Numb Lyrics from Album 99 by Janine Fighting everyday this week Heart don’t fail me now Touch me and you make me weak I can’t let my guard down Baby, […]

99 album

Janine – Said It All Lyrics

Said It All Lyrics from Album 99 by Janine I don’t want your bullshit Baby, I just want your body So stop your talking, that don’t do nothing for me I […]

99 album

Janine – Unstable Lyrics

Unstable Lyrics from Album 99 by Janine Maybe it’s better if we both say nothing Walk away like we never knew F--- that, I’m begging you Please say something You […]

99 album

Janine – Too Late Lyrics

Too Late Lyrics from Album 99 by Janine I dreamt of you The last two nights that we made love like our past lives Felt good to see your face […]

99 album

Janine – Hold On Lyrics

Hold On Lyrics from Album 99 by Janine I’ve been looking at you And you’ve been holding it down You work hard and give so much And even when you […]

99 album

Janine – Be By Myself Lyrics

Be By Myself Lyrics from Album 99 Yeah, yeah Know the game, know the game, know it so well Wanna win, wanna keep your head as well How much can […]

99 album

Janine – 99 (Album Lyrics)

99 Album Release Date: May 25, 2018 Genre : R&B/Soul Label : Atlantic Records Tracklist: 01.  Be By Myself 02.  Hold On 03.  Don’t Love Me 04.  Never The Right […]

Janine – Friends Lyrics

Friends by Janine Released : 2017 Could be looking at you From a free way which If you’d handle what I’ve taking Separate loans Separate codes No fine line Don’t […]

Janine – Don’t Love Me Lyrics

Don’t Love Me by Janine Released : 2017 So goodbye, 99 I really mean it this time I gave you, can’t really say this peace of mind ‘Cause I did, […]