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Category: Jeezy

Jeezy – First Mind Lyrics

First Mind By Jeezy My first mind is where the cash at, where the cash at? You love her, bro, keep her all from ’round me or I’ll smash that […]

Jeezy – Billions Lyrics

Billions By Jeezy Say, bruh, turn me up a little bit Aha, yeah, that’s Shawty Redd He engineerin’ tonight Oprah got a billion, Puffy got a billion Hov got a […]

Jeezy – Keep Going Lyrics

Keep Going By Jeezy I just hopped out at the light (Light), I just gave a broad the pipe (Pipe) I just tell her what I want, she know exactly […]

Jeezy – Rollie To Church Lyrics

Rollie To Church By Jeezy Yeah You know what it is, n---- Let’s go I’m as fearless they come (Come), this as hard as it get (Hard as it get) […]