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Category: JOJO

JoJo – So Bad Lyrics

So Bad By JoJo Look Boy, look at me now Do it, do it, do it Give me all of your power I’ll never expose you Never use your love […]

JoJo – Pedialyte Lyrics

Pedialyte By JoJo Good morning Need to get up Get myself together Open up the blackout blinds Unbottled my emotions Sipping on a potion Last night was a real good […]

JoJo – Gold Lyrics

Gold By JoJo you’re bringin it outta me from my head to my toes i call that anatomy thats the way that s--- goes you’re moving inside of me speakin […]

JoJo – Small Things Lyrics

Small Things By JoJo Heard your name Just as I was heading home the other day And I swear I couldn’t even Sit up straight I swallowed hard I found […]

JoJo – Think About You Lyrics

Think About You By JoJo I push it down I take a deep breathe Try to think a little less He lays me down It’s pretty good s-- Out of […]

JoJo – Comeback Lyrics

Comeback By JoJo Trust me It’s so much better when you trust me So f-----’ good boy it’s disgusting Tell me it’s mine or ima lose my f----- mind I […]