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Category: JOJO

Jojo – Bad Vibrations Lyrics

Bad Vibrations By Jojo Lyrics Bad feel on the confidence [?] in my hair Oh my god I feel electrical, it’s tension in the air I could cut it with […]

Jojo – Last Call Lyrics

Last Call By Jojo Lyrics If your eyes could be an ocean, let me drown tonight Might start a fire when our hearts collide Thank God we found each other […]

Jojo – Painkiller Lyrics

Painkiller By Jojo Lyrics I found you when I wasn’t lookin’ Found you when I was blind Found you when I needed you most Found you when I was outta […]

JoJo – Joanna Lyrics

Joanna By JoJo Lyrics We go back a long time I’ve been writing with you since day one Oh I remember when we were just kids You were singing, winning, […]

JOJO – Instant Impact Lyrics

Instant Impact by JOJO Released : 2018 My hands are getting cold I feel it through the holes in the sweater Walking home alone and it’s clear to me, mmm […]

Jojo – Wonder Woman Lyrics

Wonder Woman by Jojo Released : 2017 Reminiscing Touching all the places that your lips were kissing From the bedroom to the hallway, in the kitchen Where our fantasies came […]

JoJo – Music Lyrics

Music Lyrics (I used to hear the voices through the thin walls) Tension building up and I’d feel so small Some nights I’d hide under the pillows cus I didn’t […]