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Category: JOJO

JoJo – Don’t Talk Me Down Lyrics

Don’t Talk Me Down By JoJo Intuition’s such a funny thing There’s somethings you really can’t explain with words… …I’ve learned Opposites attract but do they last? Light us up […]

JoJo – Proud (Outro) Lyrics

Proud (Outro) By JoJo Somebody dealt your cards it wasn’t fair at all Don’t be ashamed of your scars Picked yourself off the ground Too many times to count That […]

JoJo – Lonely Hearts Lyrics

Lonely Hearts By JoJo I know myself well I know just what to do with my own touch I can spray my Chanel In this empty hotel king bed at […]

JoJo – Chill (Stay In) Lyrics

Chill (Stay In) By JoJo I’ve been chillin’ at home the past few days So you gotta facetime to talk to me To tell me how we’re gonna get through […]

JoJo – Man Lyrics

Man By JoJo Lyrics Written By Lauren LaRue, Evon Barnes, JoJo & Beat Godz (producer) “Man” Released On March 13, 2020 You know me I just don’t stop I been […]

JoJo – Sabotage Lyrics

Sabotage By JoJo Choices, everybody make ’em And the truth is, something I’ve been thinking ’bout Reasons, you said I don’t give ’em Maybe I don’t know how Excuses, boy […]