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Category: Joywave

Joywave - Cyn City 2000 Lyrics

Joywave – Cyn City 2000 Lyrics

Cyn City 2000 Lyrics – Joywave Last idea I had got swallowed by a black hole I could cure cancer but they’d give the prize to some asshole Wasting time, […]

Joywave – Half Your Age Lyrics

Half Your Age By Joywave You’ve been waiting for a sign Something clear to bring the meaning back to life Wondering when it’ll be your time Or if it passed […]

Joywave – Like a Kennedy Lyrics

Like a Kennedy by Joywave My head is swelling like a Kennedy I won’t be afraid, I won’t be afraid I’m spilling on my Jackie next to me She hopes […]

Joywave – Blastoffff Lyrics

Blastoffff by Joywave Far beyond You come from a distant land We’re not like you You’d never understand Yeah, I’m in town For the day again You tell me how […]