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Category: Keiino



UNBREAKABLE Lyrics – KEiiNO I was born in the winter When the day was dark as the night Pale blue lips of the morning ‘Cause the darkness follow the light […]

KEiiNO - Monument Lyrics

KEiiNO – Monument Lyrics

Monument Lyrics – KEiiNO Where do we go when it’s over? How do you trace our life in time? When the snow comes in October What do we leave behind? […]

Keiino – Black Leather Lyrics

Black Leather By Keiino Don’t call me Mary When you blackout from grace Girls sit your mesh down Denim and lace, denim and lace Come to the chapel You wanna […]

Keiino – Praying Lyrics

Lyrics: Praying by Keiino Wherever I go, whenever I sleep Whatever I do, you always linger with me I’m drying my tears, I’m facing my fears Got nowhere to run, […]