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Category: Killy

KILLY – LIGHT PATH 8 (Album Lyrics)

Artist: KILLY Album: LIGHT PATH 8 Release Date: June 14, 2019 Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Tracklist: 01. Lift Off 02. Elixir 03. Half a Ticket 04. Eye for an Eye 05. Destiny […]

KILLY - Serenity Lyrics

KILLY – Serenity Lyrics

Serenity by KILLY Put that s--- on everything, I don’t wanna ever change (Yeah) Love me but you doubted me (Yeah), knew it since the beginning (What?) We got common […]

KILLY – Days Lyrics

Days by KILLY Think I seen it all, I seen better days Got some remedies, so I don’t feel a thing Got some enemies that wanna even things People who […]

KILLY – Lifestyle Lyrics

Lifestyle by KILLY Bad b---- with a bad physique (Yeah), she got double D’s I’m breaking down her anatomy, and she s--- me sleep I can introduce you how to […]

KILLY – Interlude Lyrics

Interlude by KILLY Just stay away Woke up, ‘nother day with the world in my palm Rockin’ all my chains, I don’t wanna take ’em off When you hit the […]

KILLY – Not by Chance Lyrics

Not by Chance by KILLY This s--- not by chance, this s--- not by chance (Not by chance) Huh, huh, you can never not understand (No) Evisu jeans on my […]

KILLY – Above Lyrics

Above by KILLY Stars on the roof ain’t nothin’ (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Don’t fly too close to the sun (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Diamonds on the face crushed up (What? […]

KILLY – Simulation Lyrics

Simulation by KILLY Bijan ’bout it, ’bout it, boy Don’t get caught in the moment (In the moment) 24/7, stay open Lifestyle won’t change for nothing (What?) Fast life might […]

KILLY – Destiny Lyrics

Destiny by KILLY Whatever goes around, will always come around (Down, down, down, destiny) Whatever goes around, will always come around (Down, down, down, destiny) You know what I’m about, […]

KILLY – Eye for an Eye Lyrics

Eye for an Eye by KILLY Good morning, book quick trip on a red eye (Yeah) She stay with me for the weekend (Me) Wan’ live life on the wild […]

KILLY – Half a Ticket Lyrics

Half a Ticket by KILLY You know who it is, man Killamonjaro, Killy Tarantino, man Yeah, you know, man You know what the f--- goin’ on, man Yeah, yeah Yeah, […]

KILLY – Elixir Lyrics

Elixir by KILLY This s--- don’t come with a manual (Yeah) Kotch up, we do this so casual (Yeah) Catch up, stay three steps ahead of you (‘Head of you) […]

KILLY – Lift Off Lyrics

Lift Off by KILLY Last name ever, first name greatest Number one contender according to speculation Shed the dead weight off, cut amputated My price is inflating like the size […]

KILLY – Evil Eye Lyrics

Evil Eye by KILLY It would be a lie if I said I’m fine How come a peace of mind is so hard to find? This will be the night […]

Killy – Anti Everybody Lyrics

Anti Everybody by Killy Released : 2018 Full Lyrics will be available soon. Check out Later, or You Can Add Lyrics Using Form Below. [contact-form-7 id=”151140″ title=”Submit Lyrics”]