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Category: Killy

KILLY – Sailor Moon Lyrics

Sailor Moon By KILLY Ooh, ah FREAKEY! Ooh, yeah Bad bitch lean on me (Me), like Sailor Moon (Moon) SRT hit the streets (Vroom), it’s made for two (Skrrt, yeah) […]

Killy – Vv’s Lyrics

Vv’s By Killy Money Musik VV diamonds (VV) shining on me And he woke up on that day and he never went to sleep I got boys with magazines and […]

KILLY – Vendetta Lyrics

Vendetta By KILLY Two toned kept the dope bandana (Yeah) Throw it back, I’m a [?] I’m product of payback I keep the big vendetta (Lets go!) Big bank thats […]

KILLY – LIGHT PATH 8 (Album Lyrics)

Artist: KILLY Album: LIGHT PATH 8 Release Date: June 14, 2019 Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Tracklist: 01. Lift Off 02. Elixir 03. Half a Ticket 04. Eye for an Eye 05. Destiny […]

KILLY - Serenity Lyrics

KILLY – Serenity Lyrics

Serenity by KILLY Put that shit on everything, I don’t wanna ever change (Yeah) Love me but you doubted me (Yeah), knew it since the beginning (What?) We got common […]

KILLY – Days Lyrics

Days by KILLY Think I seen it all, I seen better days Got some remedies, so I don’t feel a thing Got some enemies that wanna even things People who […]