Look at what I started
Came up from the bottom
Roll around with models but my
Circle filled with monsters
How he keep his neck cold
Need a coat in august
Broski got the benzo sport plus that’s full throttle

Broski just touched
But he said need to cool for a bit
But he need to get back to the trap
Only put trust in my kin and my twin
If I’m getting cropped out then they spinning right back
Pray to the lord for all of my sins
I’m thinking bout sinning again
Gotta ignore all of these niggas
That claiming my friends, stop with cap

I should have known, all of them niggas just take a look at the scars on my back
I can’t afford to have no confrontation I can’t conversate with a nat
I can assure you if you invest all your bread you’ll double and make it right back
I can employ you, put that on my bruddas kids my opps never held up a stack

Here’s how my day started
My flight just departed
Got a hole up where my heart is
Not a saint this not New Orleans
Got Everything I’ve earned

Came up from the dirt
They can’t see me hurt
Just watch my money twerk
Shit is deeper than the surface for twin I go berserk
Put a reaper in her Birkin that’s years up in her purse
Still mixing with the purp
They can’t see me hurt
Came up from the dirt
Just tell me what it’s worth

Got a natty off the Molly
Top flyer Jeff hardy
Turn the bedroom to a party
Crash the Coochie kamikaze

Man shout out to my twin, man look what Killy started
Got some demons wearing Arcy could make ratchet bitches Barbie’s

Got one arm round the money, can’t nobody tell me nothing
We was running round them buildings in and out of different gutters
Different models put em under
Diamond lighting wrist on thunder
Swear the only place I never did no show is the tundra

Let me talk my shit
Bottega all on my bitch
I Don’t ever sip tris
But designer drugs I mix
I know bro won’t switch
But bro roll with a switch
That’s 3 points to your head
And kill la kill with the assist

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